Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

As you know, wedding is actually a celebration of the union of the happy couple. And since beautiful outdoor weddings are very popular these days, you should pay extra attention to the lighting. Because it has an important role in overall décor, you should choose it carefully. Still think lighting your wedding ceremony & reception site means flipping on a light switch? You couldn’t be more wrong! In case you really wish to turn your wedding ceremony & reception site from standard to breathtaking (and you obviously want that), you will definitely need to take a more illuminating approach to the outdoor decoration. It lighting is done perfectly, it will make virtually everything, from the flowers and cake all the way to guests look much better. There are a few ways to find the lighting expert. First of all, ask your friends or check online. Over at this blog, you can find out more, easy to read information on wedding lighting professionals.

How To Choose An Outdoor Wall Fountain

The working of an outdoor wall fountain affects your two senses. The sound produced by falling water is music to ears while the sight is pleasing to the eyes. As a wall fountain is fixed on the wall, it saves your floor space.

Materials for Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains are designed to last for a long time and are available in many materials varying from fiberglass to metals. You need to choose a material that fits your budget and is suitable for the conditions prevailing in your garden.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass fountains are affordable and durable. They give the impression of rock with a faux finish of sandstone or weathered stone. Fiberglass fountains are also more portable and easier to hang than concrete, rock, or metal fountains.

Cast Stone Concrete: Another popular material for outdoor fountains is concrete. Make sure that the fountain is made from high class concrete; otherwise it may develop cracks and get broken during winters. Naturally, concrete fountains being heavier are difficult to move around.

Resin: Avoid going in for resin based fountains which have the looks of usual kitchen plastic. This kind of plastic degrades over time, more so during cold weather.

Metal and Rock: The more expensive variety of fountains compromises of metals like copper or rock. Small sized portable wall fountains made of fiberglass would cost less than $100, whereas those made from rock and metals cost thousands of dollars. Without doubt, the fountains made from metal last for a very long time but tend to build up patina and undergo change of color. Rock fountains tend to wear off on being exposed to severe cold weather. Such fountains are beautiful but very heavy.

Choosing a Location for a Wall Fountain

The gardener has to look for a perfect location for installing the wall fountain. It could be at the entrance of the pond garden, some vacant spot on the fence or a corner of the garden. The choice of space for its installation decides the design and type of fountain you would have. The following factors should be borne in mind while finalizing your choice of an outdoor water fountain.

Size: There has to be a definite relationship between the available space and the size of the fountain. You get fountains in very many sizes varying from a very tiny one that could be fixed in a corner to a very large one that acts as a showpiece for the entire garden with its waterway.

Background Material: There are small water fountains that just sit on the wall and there are bigger ones which necessarily require basin at ground level. Do you intend having an outdoor fountain on the petite fence or are you looking for something that can be installed on a house wall? The weight and hence the size of the fountain is decided by the sturdiness of the background.

Portability: The benefits of having a portable fountain are quite many. You may dismantle it for cleaning or perhaps like to shift to alternate site. Fountains fabricated from fiberglass or plastic are very lightweight and therefore can be moved around conveniently.

Drainage: Another important aspect that you need to look into is the drainage. The drainage could be diverted to a large water garden, but in case of larger fountains you need to provide an independent catch basin.

Power: The fountain surely needs power for its running. Solar powered fountains are popular as these can do away with cables and wires, though they necessarily need sufficient sunlight for their successful operation. In case the fountain is going to run on domestic power supply, see how far is the nearest outlet. You may also like to explore the possibility of having concealed wiring!

An outdoor wall fountain completely changes the environments in your garden. Falling water has a soothing effect and its sound is pleasant to the ears. It’s important to choose an appropriate site and the material of which the fountain is made. Taking care of such important features ensures you the pleasure you derive from your fountain for many years to come.

Hanging Candle Lanterns by Gandía Blasco

When high-quality materials and beauty meet, magic happens. And when that blend is followed with designs based on nature, most beautiful art is formed. We are convinced that this has happened with the Fez. It’s a beautiful and modern collection of outdoor hanging candle lanterns. These candle boxes are made from lacquered aluminum. The Fez hanging candle lantern is ready to brighten your life, not only figuratively, but literary too.

Repair or Partially Replace Brick Siding

When exposed to the harsh weather, even the highest-quality brick siding will wear down over years. It’s no secret – brick tends to break down over years. As many contractors and homeowners know, cracks do develop and water seeps in. Unfortunately, this leads to eroding and crumbling. Repairing or partially replacing damaged brick siding is quite simple. If you already don’t have one, you should get a chisel. Also, you will need safety goggles, ready-mixed mortar of water-resistant type N, small trowel, spray bottle of water and a plastic bucket. However if you don’t know what you are doing let the professional at DePalma Construction fix it.

Stylish Outdoor Lighting Fixtures by Faro

The Dragma outdoor wall lamp is designed by Manel Lluscà for Faro. It’s a super-stylish wall lamp perfect for patio with a clean and minimalist design. It especially designed for creating ambiances, due to its included accessory plaque that projects light upwards, or downwards, just like a wall washer. The lamp can be projected on either side without the use of the plaque. The Dragma is made out of injected aluminum and glass and features a beautiful dark gray finish.